Orthodontic Treatment Castle Hill

The benefits of orthodontic treatment can truly last a lifetime making it a great investment at any age. Healthy teeth are vital to one’s quality of life. A lifetime of tooth pain or tooth problems is costly and miserable. In addition to health, the confidence of a beautiful smile is hard to measure when it comes to smiling for prom, your wedding, or your first job interview.

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  • Esthetic appearance of your teeth and smile influence first impressions. Straight teeth and a beautiful smile can open social and professional doors throughout life.

  • Positive psychological effects can profoundly impact how you feel about yourself and the confidence and self-esteem that you carry with you through your daily life.

  • Healthier teeth and gums are possible since straight teeth eliminate the hard-to-reach places in your mouth that are tough to brush and floss. This can reduce your risk of developing cavities and periodontal (gum) disease over time. Research is now showing that inflammation of the gums (gingivitis and gum disease) can negatively affect other parts and processes in your body, specifically your heart health. 

  • Alignment of your jaws and bite improving your ability to chew and function properly. Proper function of this complex system of jaw joints and muscles allow them to work in harmony and comfort.

  • Reduced wear and tear of your teeth over time caused by an unhealthy biting relationship. Such wear and tear can cause weak, fragile, severely worn, or even broken teeth as well as loss of supporting bone and gum tissue caused by unhealthy amounts of forces or stress placed on them.

  • Preparation for successful restorative treatment with your general dentist. Placing your teeth in their correct positions sets the foundation for more successful restorative treatment later if it is planned. This may include replacement of missing teeth with implants or bridges as well as aesthetic restoration of front teeth with crowns or veneers.